How to have an anal orgasm,What is a butt plug (anal plug)?

As the name suggests, butt plugs (also known as anal plugs) are sex toys that are inserted into the anus.

Men can stimulate the prostate gland that can be reached from the anus and feel the great pleasure of a dry orgasm, while women can feel the immoral sensation of anal penetration and orgasm by stimulating the door on the side of the rectum.

However, since the anus is a muscular organ, abrupt penetration is not an option, which is where the docking plug comes in handy.

In this article I will explain what a Anal toy is, its uses, how to choose one and how to use it.

If you are interested in anal orgasms
I want to develop my anal orgasm safely.
You want to make your partner orgasm anally.
A butt plug is one of the sex toys that is inserted and retained in the anus.

It is a sex toy used by both men and women and is the first item introduced to anal development for beginners.
It is used to dilate the anus when inserted and retained in the anal cavity and to stimulate the male prostate gland to produce orgasm.

The prostate is an organ found only in males and, depending on how it develops, can experience intense orgasms.

The prostate is a gland in the male reproductive system. In adults, it is about the size of a walnut,[1] and has an average weight of about 11 grams, usually ranging between 7 and 16 grams. 2]

The pleasure is said to be many times greater than ejaculation, and many people become addicted to it as a result.

The G-spot is known as the male G-spot because of the intense pleasure it can give.
When you develop a prostate, you may experience dry orgasms, which are orgasms without ejaculation.

Usually, once a man ejaculates and reaches orgasm, he enters what is called «sage mode,» which is the moment he loses tension, but dry orgasms do not involve ejaculation, so there is no sage mode.
In addition, after ejaculation, you cannot have orgasm over and over again, but with dry orgasm, you can have orgasm over and over again.

Dry orgasms are sometimes referred to as female orgasms because they are similar to the orgasms felt by women.
Although women do not have prostates and therefore cannot experience dry orgasms, the immoral sensation of inserting a foreign object into the anus and the vaginal stimulation from the anus can actually get many people hooked on anal development.

It is also possible to have a porta-orgasm through indirect stimulation of the porta-john from the rectal side.

It is also possible to develop anal sex during intercourse or masturbation, and to enjoy playing with the vagina and inserting yourself into the anus.

If you are able to have anal sex, then you can enjoy sex without worrying about pregnancy.
The anus is made of a muscle called the anal sphincter, which is designed to close when something is not passing through it (if it doesn’t close, the anus will stay open forever, and that’s a problem, too, ‘is it?

This is what keeps the anus open with the use of a butt plug.

For men, in addition to the above, there is added prostate stimulation.

The prostate is an organ that takes a long time to develop and must be stimulated for a long time.

For this reason, docking plugs and anal dildos are used to stimulate the prostate gland. This is part of the game of disgrace, but there are some players who continue to play the game.

Docking plugs are intended for anal development and prostate stimulation, but can also be used as an attachment in the anus.
Just like this one, some butt plugs have jewelry that can be used as an accessory.
Docking plugs worn as accessories are often used by gay men and are marketed in many variations, such as metal plugs Best Strap On Harness and cute plugs that look like animal tails.

These butt plugs are used as accessories and are often shown to each other by gay men.
Although butt plugs are only used for anal insertion, there are a wide variety of butt plugs available.

There are a variety of butt plugs to choose from, from those that can be used as accessories for decoration to those that are very large in size to those made of metal.

I recommend a small silicone anal plug if you want to develop your anus in a normal way, or a sexy looking metal butt plug if you want to use it for BDSM or shame play.
There are many other types such as those made of glass, very large types for anal developers and very long types, so it’s fun to find the right butt plug for you.

It’s hard to find the right sex toy for you because you can’t «buy before you try», but it’s fun to experiment over and over again.
First choose a soft silicone butt plug.
Choose a small plug (maximum diameter: 25 mm or less).
Check the reviews!
Some butt plugs are made of metal or glass, not just silicone. They look better and you may be tempted to pick one up.

However, choose the traditional silicone soft butt plug for the first time.

Also, if you are not familiar with butt plugs, it is recommended that you choose a plug with a smaller maximum diameter of the butt plug itself.

Specifically, plugs with a diameter of 25 mm or smaller are safe for beginners in anal development.
If you use a larger plug from the beginning, it will not only feel bad, but also cause pain in the anal sphincter.

Also, be sure to check the reviews on the sales website.

They are very helpful when actual purchasers write down their impressions. In some cases they go into detail about things I don’t usually pay attention to, so if there is a product you are interested in, be sure to check the reviews as well.
Also, you will need to relax and expand the anus with your fingers before inserting the docking plug.

Gently massage the anus with a finger bag or similar item. You will notice that as you massage the anus, it will gradually become softer and softer.

When you feel your anus is soft and relaxed enough, add some anal lubricant. When you feel your anus is soft and relaxed enough, put some anal lotion on the anal plug and insert it slowly.